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DC JACK REPAIR: Do you have power or charging issues?

Are you experiencing sudden loss of power, battery will not charge, laptop switches from AC power to

battery power intermittently from loose or broken power jack?


Do you have charging or power issues with your Laptop? Many times the issue is with the DC Jack (other associated names: DC in, Power Jack, Input Jack, DC Adapter, AC Plug, Plug Adapter, DC Input Jack, and many others.)

Most Service centers including large nationwide stores do not deal with this problem. Most will either tell you that the machine is non-repairable or that they will need to replace the motherboard. The quotes or estimates that are given range from $200 to as much as $850 for a motherboard replacement. What they dont tell you is that the DC Jack can be repaired for under $100. They steer you toward this type of resolution because they are not equipped with the tools or training to perform a DC Jack repair on your laptop. DC Jack repairs are fairly difficult if you have never replaced one before. It requires complete disassembly of the laptop and removal of the motherboard, removal of old DC Jack and soldering on of new DC Jack.

Symptoms of a faulty or loose DC Jack:

  • Broken or Cracked DC Jack
  • Laptop loses power upon movement of power plug
  • Power and Battery light flickers when adapter tip is moved
  • Laptop will not charge but is fully functional on battery
  • Battery will not charge
  • popping sound when first pluggen in near DC Jack area
  • Laptop switches from AC power to battery power intermittently from loose or broken power jack
  • laptop suddenly shuts off
  • DC jack feels loose

Causes of Broken or Faulty DC Jack:

  • Usually number one cause is stress to DC Jack from tripping on, or pulling of AC adapter cord by people, pets and or even vacuum cleaners.
  • Use of non-original or non-OEM AC Adapter
  • laptop is dropped jerking the power cord loose or is dropped directly on the plug
  • Normal wear and tear

Are you in need of the DC power jack being replaced on your Laptop? : Here at Express PC, we can typically replace your DC Power jack for under $100 depending on the make and model of your laptop.

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